3 Best Hairstyles for Teen Girls

The teen years it is the time for girls to start attending soirees, parties and formal events. Since teens are no longer kids but they have not officially turned to a woman, it is important to pick a style that would look appropriate.

Are you wondering how to style your hair such that you would not look too childish but would not add ten years to your age either? Here are the fresh new styles that you can choose from which would highlight the effervescence of your youth:


3 of the Newest Trends in Clothing

Three revived trends have struck the fancy of designers in this year!  Crochet has been seen all over Fashion Week this year, neon has made a boomerang and come back in new ways, and the fashionistas with a flair for fun and repurposing retro clothing and costume jewelry can sample the Japanese Decora look- popping up in American magazines and nightlife.


The Truth About False Lashes

Hello all my Makeup Monday Mavens! I have missed you. I have been gone for two weeks working with an amazing new project called Hair Mafia. Check out this link to see what some of the nations hottest renegade hairstylists are up too.

 False Lashes

Now that I’m back blogging, let’s talk makeup! Award season just wrapped up and glamour is the name of the game. There is nothing I love more than opening up a bottle of red and watching award shows to see what is hot in the world of makeup. There are many ways to achieve red carpet glamour but one thing is crucial… and that’s eye lashes.