3 Best Hairstyles for Teen Girls

The teen years it is the time for girls to start attending soirees, parties and formal events. Since teens are no longer kids but they have not officially turned to a woman, it is important to pick a style that would look appropriate.

Are you wondering how to style your hair such that you would not look too childish but would not add ten years to your age either? Here are the fresh new styles that you can choose from which would highlight the effervescence of your youth:

Curled Bangs with Tight Pony Tail

This is a captivating look with a touch of elegance. If you are tired of your low pony tail and you want to make it even more special, try using a curling iron to style your bangs. This works for side-swept bangs. After washing and towel drying your hair, use your blower to straighten the rest of your hair. Create a side partition on the crown area and pull your hair back to a tight pony tail. Position the pony tail close to the nape. Then, apply hair wax on your bangs and use the curling iron to make tight waves. Let your bangs freely fall on your forehead and partially cover one eye. You can stay neat and still look fashion-forward with this look.

Glam Rock Curls

For a more outstanding look, try curling your hair using hot rollers. Apply generous amount of hair mousse on your hair and create several segments. Individually entwine each segment on the rollers. Blow dry your hair to make the curls stay. Then, remove the rollers. To achieve the glam rock appeal, loosen the segments using your fingers. This will add more body to your hair and make your look more modern.

Contemporary French Twist

French twist is a typical style for sophisticated women especially during formal events. If you do not want to look mature but you would like to keep your hair neatly styled, all it takes is creating a little variation. Separate a segment of your hair on your crown area. Apply mousse or wax especially near the hairline. Use a fine tooth comb to smoothen your hair. Pull it upwards and twist your hair towards the back. To hold the twist in place, use a couple of bobby pins. Then, brush the rest of your hair near the crown and twist this towards the opposite direction. Use bobby pins too because these are easier to conceal. To make sure that your modern French twist would not budge, finish off the style using hair spray.

Enjoy your youthful beauty with these easy to do hairstyles. You do not even need to go to a stylist just to create these techniques. So long as you have the right tools such as styling products, roller brush, fine tooth comb and some bobby pins, you can already look fabulous in a matter of minutes.  There is no need to look too mature. Just enjoy your teen years and style your hair the right way.   

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