3 of the Newest Trends in Clothing

Three revived trends have struck the fancy of designers in this year!  Crochet has been seen all over Fashion Week this year, neon has made a boomerang and come back in new ways, and the fashionistas with a flair for fun and repurposing retro clothing and costume jewelry can sample the Japanese Decora look- popping up in American magazines and nightlife.


One hot look for summer is, of all things, Crochet. Designers had it popping up in runway shows everywhere in all materials from yarn to silk.  It’s easy to follow this trend and get a rich look at a fraction of the price with online patterns and inexpensive materials.  Learning the basic skills of crocheting also can help build dexterity and eye-hand coordination.

If you are thinking “grandma” look- then you haven’t seen the newest sexy styles providing coverage but sex appeal with the peek-a-boo spacing.

Whether blankets for those cool spring days, new fashionable shrugs for co-workers, unique accessories to update old outfits, or some great classic items for one’s home; crochet is a wonderful way to express your crafty side while jumping on the newest trend.

Designs come in delicate, lacey, or thick; with the option of many versatile types of patterns depending on the type of yarn used. Stitch work plays a large part in making personally tailored garments into a work of art. If you’re new to crochet, there are community classes, online tutorials, and many different social networking sites to help you.  Many websites will easily teach you how to make your own masterpieces!


Well it must have 20 years, as they say things cycle back. This has been the newest color trend seen on runways in surprisingly sophisticated ways.

Designers have been incorporating neon for those with a passion in shoes- which is most of the female population. Burning fresh stilettos in acid yellow, green, and orange have shown up in Sephora, Louboutin, and Nike.

Nike was getting in on the act with a new line, Dunk Hi (R), of solid neon colors for men and women in Nylon magazine. They debuted at New York Fashion week and display the Nylon logo on the tongue.

Teenagers and the younger fashionistas have this choice of palette for eyes, lips and nails. Ladies, office dwellers, and older fashion mavens would do best to stick with one statement piece, and use that as the highlight of their outfit. Many choices are out in purses, belts, and accessories for a slight hint of the trend for those not so adventurous for a whole sheet of blinding color.


Pops of color are one thing to catch the eye, but whole ensembles? The newest outrageous look hot in Japan and coming over to hit American runways is “Decora.”  Imagine a girl’s party where they made use of everything in the attic with glue guns. It harkens back to the Lady Gaga dress (L) made entirely of Hello Kitty stuffed animals. Or maybe she just saw it then and it struck her as fun!

Decora consists of jewelry- the more rhinestones and costume-y the better- and lace seemingly sewn or glued onto everything.  In many layers, the Decora “look” is described as multilayered at best. It sometimes can be a slightly bewildering array of doilies, bedazzling jewels, and Hello Kitty dolls.

Pokemon and other anime items can be mixed in, sometimes peeping out from a cluster of lace. It’s quite stunning and takes the viewer on a visual journey throughout the wearer’s collection. Timepieces, ornate metals, and ribbons complete the look.

Having fun and celebrating color in fashion is back in style, quite a refreshing change from the drab colors and neutrals we had been seeing these past few years.

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