The Truth About False Lashes

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 False Lashes

Now that I’m back blogging, let’s talk makeup! Award season just wrapped up and glamour is the name of the game. There is nothing I love more than opening up a bottle of red and watching award shows to see what is hot in the world of makeup. There are many ways to achieve red carpet glamour but one thing is crucial… and that’s eye lashes.

When it comes to false lashes, there are as so many brands to choose from. Each is as unique as the woman wearing them.

One of my favorite lash brands is Ardell Lashes. Ardell Lashes are widely available in professional beauty settings. My favorite lashes from Ardell are 110 Black Demi lashes. I have found that these are the most universal. They’re extremely light weight and reusable. These lashes pair well amazing with voluminous mascara.

My second favorite are MAC Cosmetic Lashes. MAC lashes are the definition of glamour! Like Ardell lashes, there are choices to fit any style. My favorite pair from this line are #33 lashes – they have a retro flair that gives any woman an edge. All Mac lashes are handmade and very durable and, if taken care of properly, they can be worn up to 10 times.

Finally, my favorite lashes within the makeup industry are Shu Uemura lashes.  In my opinion (and many other pro artist opinions), they are the Cadillac of lashes. Shu Uemura believes you can transform your eyes with eye lashes and show true creativity.

Shu Uemura is an expert in the art of false eyelashes. They have Tokyo lash bar that established itself to be one of the hottest and trendiest beauty international beauty spot. Shu Uemura has even made mink fur lashes sported by top celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Oprah.

Now that you know about some great lashes, let’s talk a little lash 101.

Tips on Applying Glue & False Eyelashes


1. False eyelashes may be trimmed in width or length to suit your eye size or personal preference. I always recommend trying original length before cutting.

2. Apply false eyelash glue sparingly to lash band. Wait 10- 20 seconds for adhesive to become sticky. My favorite lash glue on the market is Duo Glue

3. Position false eyelashes slightly above your natural lash and press ends into place. Gently press across entire lash until set.

Tips on removing

1. To remove, gently peel false eyelashes band off lid, starting at outer corner. Remove adhesive from band and place your false eyelashes back to the tray for re-use.

2. Never remove your lashes by tugging. Chances are you might pull off some of your real lashes and this can become very horrifying. Be very gentle on those fake eye lashes and handle them as though they are the real deal.

3. For pesky lashes or extra glue, use a small cotton ball soaked in eye makeup remover to loosen lash glue. Some people find using soap and water to loosen adhesive glue as effective as eyelash removers. Some also soak the area with olive oil or virgin coconut oil to achieve the same glue loosening effect

Tips for Cleaning, Storing and Reuse

You can actually reuse your fake eye lashes provided that you maintain them and keep them clean at all times. After removing them carefully, soak them in a tiny amount of warm soapy water to remove the glue, dust particles, as well as mascara that you possibly applied. Use tweezers to pull off glue particles. You can use a soft toothbrush or some other gentle brush for cleaning between those lashes. Afterwards, dry them and store them back in their original container.

Now that you have been through lash 101, go find a pair that fits you and get glamorous.

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